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Using our api, store and retrieve data with a unique "user name", "password", and key (each of which can be up to 256 characters long) - and will store it for you. Free. There is no sign up or registration, but this service is public - so if your user name and password are not unique enough, it's liable to be easily read and/or overwritten by anyone. Hey - it's the internet! Hooray!

User names and passwords when used together will serve as a unique "identification". There can be the same user name with separate passwords that will not have access to the same data, and so on. This service is not intended to be secure, and as such, you should assume all data you submit to to be public!!! However, there is no current way or plan to list user names and password combinations for public browsing.

There is one last hitch: whatever data we receive, we json encode it and store it in a MySQL database. If the encoded string is > 4096 characters, the submission will fail. Otherwise, your data is safe here for as long as I care to keep this project up =]
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Retrieving data

To get your data back out, simply make a GET request to the desired user name, password, key combination like this: and it will be returned in a JSON encoded string (much the way it is stored).

Listing Data

You can also list all data (up to 25 rows) under any unique user name and password combination. Simply make a GET request against

For a more information on how to use, check out our full(er) documentation.

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